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Happily Ever Moments | January 2017

Hey everyone! Wow, was January an eventful month! Seeing everyone hit the ground running with their passion projects at the start of the year was amazing and inspiring. The biggest obstacle that I encountered this past month was learning how to better balance my time between all of the things…

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5 Ways to Be Happier!

Thank you all so much for your positive feedback on my New Years Resolution post! I had so much fun writing it and your kind words really encouraged me to keep sharing content on my blog. For today’s post I want to continue with the conversation of starting the new…

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2017 New Year Resolutions

Setting New Year Resolutions is something that we do at the start of every year and somehow it slips through the cracks after just a few months or even days of setting it. I’ve been guilty of this and have held myself back before to not see my passion or…

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Reflecting Back On 2016

Can you believe that today is the last day of 2016!? This year flew by so incredibly fast with so many great memories along the way. It was the year of working on casting self doubts aside to find peace within myself. Believing in the power of manifesting your goals…

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