2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! With a blink of an eye we’re starting a brand new year! 2017 flew by so incredibly fast and it was definitely one for the books! I got the chance to travel to Europe for the first time, ran my first half marathon, spend quality time with friends & family, and launched a podcast with my dear friend Alyssa! I’m so thankful for all the lessons learned this past year as I reflect and build upon my resolutions for 2018. One of my resolutions from 2017 was to continue growing my YouTube channel by posting regularly again!  So what better way to celebrate than by sharing a video chatting about my 2018 New Year Resolutions. 🙂

But if you like to read blog posts, I’ve also written my resolutions down as well! Let’s get started!

My 2018 New Years Resolutions

  • Intentional Action
    • A word that kept recurring during 2017 was intentional. I kept seeing it everywhere and never thought too much about it until I attended the Ideas with Intention workshop hosted by my friend Shannan Scott. It taught me to put serious thought into my actions and ideas that aligned with my purpose instead of mindlessly doing things. I was able to take a step back and think clearly about things. Being intentional with our time and where we spend our energy has been a game changer for me and I can’t wait to continue taking it to 2018!
  • Fitness
    • I started taking Barre classes back in July 2017 and I’ve been doing it at least 3x a week ever since! (I can’t believe it) It has been life changing finding a workout routine that I like. By all means I don’t have a crazy six pack or anything (LOL) but I have noticed a significant shift in my mood, the way I fit into my clothes and overall metabolism! I think the most important takeaway is the overall feeling I get mentally and physically after finding consistency in my workout. So now that I started my fitness journey, I look forward to expanding upon it!
  • Be resourceful
    • I want to see life as less of a secret! Being a content creator, I think it’s easy to ask yourself “how is so and so doing that or how did this happen etc” There aren’t answers to everything but there are a lot of resources out there these days to help us figure things out. I’ve come to realize that whenever I felt like things were a secret, I stopped myself from pursuing it because thoughts of “I’m not worthy” would pop into my head. But no more! 🙂 
  • Self Care
    • I learned last year that it was super important to have days off to yourself to relax and detox. I encountered days where I felt so overwhelmed that I wasn’t able to be productive or just enjoy the moment. We need to remember to schedule in days for ourselves intentionally instead of just finding time to squeeze in me time. We’re important too and we can’t forget about taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically.
  • Do what makes me happy
    • I was talking to Johnny recently and I was feeling overwhelmed by where I wanted to take my blog and youtube channel. I was frantically trying to figure out what content to create and whether or not it would resonate with people. During my scatter brained moments, Johnny simply said to me, “just talk about what makes you happy, it’s as simple as that!”  Too often we feel like we need to limit ourselves to just one thing or do things in a certain way, but if you’re multi passionate, show it and live it! There is nothing wrong with that, you do you 🙂

A few of my favorite pictures from 2017!