Halloween Time at Disneyland 

Halloween time at Disneyland is officially here! Johnny and I visited over the weekend and we had the most amazing time exploring both Disneyland and California Adventure. We had two items on our bucket list that day and it was to ride Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy and The Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout: Monsters After Dark! We spent most of the day in-between eating halloween themed treats, sightseeing and just relaxing!

This is the first year that California Adventure decorated for Halloween too and we absolutely loved the decor! There’s no shortage of details when it came to setting the right ambiance for this halloween season. The feel at California Adventure is definitely spookier than Disneyland. From the music to the headless horseman statue, it’s a great balance to Disneyland’s whimsical decor.

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland for this year’s Halloween season try adding the following to your must see/do list!

  1. Eat some spooky sweet treats like this mummy rice krispy!
  2. Take a picture in front of the pumpkin Mickey during the day and night. At night the pumpkin illuminates and it even winks at you 😉 Also note that each side of the pumpkin is carved with a different facial expression!
  3. Switch up your usual pumpkin spice lattes for Ghirardelli’s Pumpkin Pie latte! You can order this hot, iced or frozen! I tried the frozen one and it was a sweeter, less spicy version of a PSL in frappuccino form.
  4. Pick up halloween themed merchandise as a souvenir! They have a bunch of fun holiday items like this poison apple mug!
  5. Take advantage of the Fast Pass for holiday themed rides! Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy usually has around an hour and half to two hour wait  – so picking up a fast pass can save you a lot of time from waiting in line all day.

Bonus Tip: The Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout:  Monsters After Dark fast passes are available starting at 3pm. I highly suggest getting in line around 2:30pm to pick up a fast pass before they run out!  Trust me they go quickly! 🙂