#HappilyEverEats | Wow Wow Waffle

Hello loves!

Today is my first ever #HappilyEverEats post featuring a hidden gem that my good friend Alyssa took me to! Drum roll please… introducing WOW WOW WAFFLES! Tucked away on 30th street in North Park, San Diego, Wow Wow Waffles is sure to satisfy a waffle lovers dream. I personally love eating waffles, even though I have grown to love pancakes all thanks to Snooze Eatery – I’ll save this for another post 😉

Wow Wow Waffles is carefully tucked away and can sometimes be hard to find but once you see the gates open with the waffle menu board out, you know it’s show time. The atmosphere is very casual and inviting, it looks like you’re hanging out at a friend’s really cool back yard! I tried the sweet waffle because I couldn’t resist Nutella and strawberries, where as Alyssa got a savory waffle called “Number Seven.” It’s topped with bacon baked in brown sugar, avocado & goat cheese (TIP: You can always substitute for another kind of cheese like Brie if goat cheese isn’t your thing :))

Overall, I had a great time visiting Wow Wow Waffles! The price is a tad bit much for one waffle but it definitely won’t break the bank. I highly recommend giving this place a try just to experience the setting and to try a unique take on waffles.

Find them here at: 

3519 30th street. 
San Diego, CA 92104



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